Stardust Musicals 4 kids

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"​"Stardust was the first interaction I had with being on stage, and that summer changed my life, and I made so many friends, and met so many people. I became more confident with who I am, and I got to do something I loved.!" - Kyle Ferlita

  • Enrollment includes-
  • Acting Training
  • Vocal Training
  • a complete musical performance
  • Ensemble oriented
  • State-of-The-Art Facilities
  • two free tickets
  • free t-shirt for each camper

GIVE YOUR CHILD A SUMMER of theatre, music and discovery!

All of our instructors are fully certified teachers.  Collectively our staff has nearly 100 years of teaching experience with world-class educational backgrounds. 

Our Summer 2016 program  runs from

August 1 - August 17, 2016

Students have Friday off so families have flexibility in their weekends and vacation schedules.

Each student enjoys lessons taught in the best acting schools and participates in  group singing lessons.

Summer 2016

Fully Certified Teachers

One of the best Acting Schools for 

Grades 4-8